Partial & complete dentures & custom fit mouthguards

Whether you require a custom-made mouthguard or full or partial dentures, the Regal’s Dental team can create a product that’s tailored for comfort. Whether you need your existing dentures repaired or new ones moulded, we aim to get it done quickly and comfortably. To protect your teeth while playing sport, our custom mouthguards are ideal.

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At Regal’s Dental, we do everything we can to help restore your smile with full or partial dentures. Our dentures are durable, and designed to improve chewing and boost confidence. Our team are considerate of your needs and go above and beyond to provide information and advice on proper denture care.


It’s important to have a correctly fitted mouthguard if you play any form of contact sport. At Regal’s Dental, we create custom mouthguards in a range of colours and designs. Protect your teeth and relieve discomfort during physical activity.